‘To individuals who are unorthodox’ is the dedication of my autobiography and it pretty much summarises my philosophy. I’m a great believer in individuality and independence. Particularly in fashion as I regularly get praises for my clothing. I will be putting photos in my blog to show people what I mean. Creativity is a great force and friends of mine are artists, actors, musicians, writers and circus performers.

I love reading and writing and regularly go to shows at Theatre Royal, Barbican, Union Corner and the Guildhall. I’m looking forward to using my e-trike this summer to go to a good collection of gigs and festivals.


My Local Poems

Stonehouse Voice Sonnet



For locals Stonehouse Voice is coming soon.

In September we start, we want you now.

Talk to us if you’re in to art or play a tune.

To be involved workshops will tell you how.


We kick off at “What is News?” in the Cawfee shop

A discussion led by Alan on the media.

16thof August 6 till 10 come in and stop.

They do cakes or more if you are greedier.


Experience is not needed; we’ll tell you how.

Enthusiasm is what we want to start.

A not for profit paper we’ll start now.

Covering Stonehouse news, culture and art.


I love living in Stonehouse and writing,

So, I think this will really be my thing.

Union Corner Jammin’ Night



To Nick and Doc we’re grateful,

 For setting up the night.

About 3 guitars, 2 basses, a violin,

mouth-organ and drum at our height.

Also there were 4 ukuleles,

Some owned and some to share.

Cups of tea and coffee and biscuits,

Are supplied for free down there.


We’re working on the amps and mics

And a better drumming kit.

We and the learners take things

Step by step and bit by bit.

Learning chords, or tuning up,

Some of us don’t know anything.

People can bring what they like

Or just come along and sing.


To start we shared a list of famous

Songs, not knowing much.

Such as “A Drunken Sailor”.

“Dirty Old Town” and such.

Aiming to make it fortnightly,

7:15 to half nine every other Thursday

So to join a group and learn some skills

To start or get better, come along one day.


No upcoming events at the moment


For any writing inquiries, please contact via:

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